Good typography communicates a message clearly and without confusion. Our aim is not just to make something easy to read, but easy to navigate, with an obvious hierarchy. Just with our tone of voice, it's important we communicate with a consistent typographic style.

Typefaces for our external brand

We use two typefaces as part of our external facing brand identity. Averta is our primary brand font and is used across 95% of our typographic output. It offers supreme legibility from display sizes to small print. Simplon Mono offers contrast to Averta — giving the GoCardless brand an informed, technological leaning.

Use cases for Averta and Simplon Mono

It's important to note that Simplon Mono is not a body copy font. It's monospaced functionality means you will eventually end up with large gaps inbetween words, leading to rivers through any passage of text that consists of more than two or three lines. To this end, we use Averta for 95% of our typographic output.

 Simplon Mono is ideal for adding colour and context, some example use cases being; quote sources, page folios and pullout stats.

Typefaces for our internal brand

Given that we communicate internally using Google docs, we have chosen two fonts from Google’s library for internal use. Just as with our external facing brand identity, we use two contrasting typefaces; Rubik and Space Mono. Our primary typeface is Rubik, which is supported by Space Mono.

Use cases for Rubik and Space Mono

The same principles that we apply to our external facing typography are applied to our internal communications — Rubik is used 95% of the time, with Space Mono being used to add colour and context. Use Space Mono for quote sources, page folios and pullout stats, use Rubik for everything else.


For titles and divider pages, text can be set in white out of a flood colour (such as GC Navy or GC Blue). For body copy, text should be set in GC Neutral. For further information on colour specifications, see the colour section.