The GoCardless logo is the face of our brand and most used asset. The correct application of our logo is important for the integrity and consistency of the GoCardless brand across the world. Please adhere to these rules to ensure that integrity is upheld.

You can download the GoCardless logo kit by pressing the button below. Please be sure to read through the guidelines to see how our logo should be used.

Download logo kit

Positive and negative

Our logo is available in two versions; positive and negative. We predominantly use the negative version, which is set in white and is designed to be used against a navy background. The positive logo should always be used in GC Navy.

The images below are for illustration purposes only. To access the logo files, use the download link above.

Exclusion zone

To help maintain the integrity of our logo, nothing should encroach around the exclusion zone, which is designated as the height of our logo.

Minimum sizes

For legibility, our logo should never appear smaller than the sizes detailed here.



The GoCardless logo should be positioned in either the top left, bottom left or bottom right corners equidistant from the nearest edges. There aren’t hard and fast rules, but we should look to create visual balance between all elements and avoid lopsided layouts.


Our logo regularly sits alongside other partner and merchant logos.

If you need to create a lock-up from scratch take the width of the GoCardless logo, multiply it by 1.5 and then divide that number by 10. This will give you the length of the dividing line, as well as the spaces inbetween.

Social media monogram

For social media avatars, where space is of a premium, we have created this adapted version of our logo we are calling a monogram.

Available in a positive version, and a negative version.


It's important that our logo is applied in a consistent way in every application. Please adhere to these rules.

Do not alter the aspect ratio

Do not add apply any effects

Do not create your own versions of our logo

Do not place our logo over busy or high contrast images

Do not encroach on the logo exclusion zone

Do not substitute our logo for our social media monogram