The Network

The Network is a key graphic asset that is used to add depth, dynamism and consistency to our designs.


Using recurring payments as a starting concept, each network graphic is built from a single shape (representing a single payment), which is then duplicated many times — creating a free form organic object made up of one recurring shape.

This shape can be created by anyone who has a basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator, it's easy to generate and even simpler to manipulate, making it a super practical tool for adding depth, dynamism and colour to our designs.

An indication of what lies beneath each network graphic.

Where The Network appears

The Network is not used exhaustively across our communications. As a rule of thumb, it is used across "top of the funnel" content where the main aim is to generate awareness of the GoCardless brand.

Specific campaigns and subjects will, in the majority, have a dedicated look and feel. Below are some examples of where The Network will typically be used.

Creating your own

If you need to create a network from scratch, follow the steps detailed below.

Successful usage

The network is used to add depth, drama and consistency to our designs. For its consistent application, it's important to consider the following guidance (this guidance is the same whether dealing with small business or mid market – enterprise).

Changing our tone

When we talk to small businesses, we talk in a conversational tone and when communicating with enterprise businesses, this tone naturally changes.

To help cater to this, as well as adding variety to our communications, we have created a “flat” version of the network. This version of the network, is intended to be more colourful, playful and energetic.

The gradient network is our habitual, default, or “home look”, the flat network is at our disposal, if stakeholders want to utilise it.

The Network exists in a predefined set of colours

Examples of the predefined colour combinations for mid market – enterprise.

Some recommended colour combinations for small business communications. It's worth noticing that every colour in our colour palette works with GC Navy. The below echoes the recommended colour combinations detailed in the colour section of these guidelines.